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9085 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90069

Welcome to the Beverly Hills Karate Academy

Teaching Superior Martial Arts since 1970

The Beverly Hills Karate Academy was founded by world famous martial artist Emil Farkas in 1970. The Academy, which provides superior martial arts training to men, women and children, teaches traditional Japanese Shotokan karate, judo,
ju-jitsu, kick boxing, self-defense, cane fighting, Practical Krav Maga,
and traditional martial arts weaponry.

Over the years, the Beverly Hills Karate Academy has taught thousands of students from children age 4 and up to adults as old as 85. The Academy’s founder and Chief Instructor Emil Farkas, a 7th degree black belt, has been dubbed “The Sensei of the Stars” for the numerous celebrities he has trained. He is noted for his patience and skill in teaching children, many of whom have received junior black belt rankings under his instruction.

Sensei Farkas is also internationally recognized as an expert in practical street-effective self-defense. Having been a bodyguard for over 10 years, he knows from experience what works on the street and teaches only techniques that have “street effective” applications. Many adult students at the Beverly Hills Karate Academy opt to train in these classes that do not award belt rankings, but prepare them to be ready for a street encounter – should it occur.

The goal of the Beverly Hills Karate Academy is to provide students with the many benefits of martial arts training such as improved physical condition, increased mental discipline, excellent self-defense skills, as well as self-confidence which is so necessary in today’s challenging world.

For A Free Introductory Trial Class Please Call 310-275-2661