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Los Angeles, CA 90069


I have been a student at the Beverly Hills Karate Academy under Emil Farkas for 30 years. Obviously from the time I've spent, I've found my experience there rewarding. It isn't simply the techniques learned and the skills developed, but it is also the confidence someone gains in the acquisition of these abilities as taught by sensei Farkas. That confidence and self-assurance managed to successfully get me through an attempted midnight robbery in my home as well as, on another occasion, a car-jacking/ kidnapping, by giving me the calmness to control the situation without ever having to fight. With kids, in particular, contact is discouraged as this is not a goal in this age group. However, if you need to learn how to protect yourself physically, man or woman, sensei Farkas can teach you many practical approaches he gleaned over years of being a body guard for people who required those talents. He is a highly trained martial artist with many black belts in different disciplines. If a formal approach to these arts is your interest, he is the teacher for you; if you are interested in showmanship and movie work, he's done that, too. I can't recommend more highly any individual who is more able to fulfill your martial arts aspirations, whatever they may be, than sensei Farkas.
Jack Ditlove MD,FRCPC,FASN

Having spent many years doing various martial arts styles and work-out regimes, Beverly Hills Karate Academy and Sensei Emil Farkas have offered me what I've been looking for a long time - a rigorous and safe way of exercising that is both a mental and physical discipline.  Shotokan karate is a great way to gain self-discipline and power, which I find especially important as a woman.  Class is challenging but fun and I always learn something new... Sensei is a calm, patient and very experienced teacher and within a very short period of time, I feel I've come a long way.  I've only been back for a month but I'm really looking forward to attending Beverly Hills Karate Academy for a very long time...
Dana Belcastro

This recommendation for one to study under Emil Farkas comes very easily to me.  I walked into the Beverly Hills Karate Academy approximately 20 years ago looking for a form of exercise that would challenge me both physically and mentally.  The study of karate turned out to be the absolute perfect fit for a middle aged professional.  The stretching helps me loosen up and keeps me free from back and neck pain.  The strength training improves my shape.  Performing the traditional forms gives me an excellent cardio workout.  All of this is an aside to the fact that I have learned an invaluable skill: self defense. 
Joe S

I am a longtime martial arts practitioner in the areas of Shotokan karate and judo, and have known Sensei Emil Farkas for approximately 40 years. He is, without question, one of the finest instructors in the martial arts, and his knowledge of many different systems is vast. Having personally competed in both kata and kumite, I was extremely fortunate to have Sensei train me for the various tournaments. I competed many times in the Internationals, which back then was the largest tournament in the U.S., and observed many of the instructors interact with their students. It was all about what was good for the dojo, as opposed to the student. With Sensei, it is all about the student first. I was honored to serve as an instructor at the Beverly Hills Karate Academy on numerous occasions, and while I take pride that I was a very capable instructor, I was not remotely as skilled as Sensei. That is how good he is, and this is from someone who has fought on the street, the dojo and the Army. Less is more with Sensei, and what is practical is the order of the day. Traditional Shotokan karate techniques are the backbone of Sensei's teaching; however, he is a true master of close quarters combat as well. Nothing fancy, just "stuff" that really works. Be it karate, judo, ju-jitsu, knife fighting ,self defense or just plain conditioning, Sensei Emil Farkas is the man, and the Beverly Hills Karate Academy is the place.
Sandy Passman – Attorney

It has been a great pleasure studying with Emil at the Beverly Hills Karate Academy. He is such a great teacher and makes learning karate an exciting and enjoyable experience. I would highly recommend working with Emil to anyone interested in learning the art of Shotokan karate.
Tom Kreiss

At the Beverly Hills Karate Academy our children have learned about setting goals, dedication, perseverance, respect and self-confidence all while having a great time!
Susan Klein

Taking karate was one of the best things that I’ve ever done. Sensei Farkas has been great. He is patient, respectful and kind, yet strict. I now walk with confidence. It’s great.
Jackie Miller

The Beverly Hills Karate Academy teaches not only martial arts, but discipline, focus and confidence. It has changed my life.
Sharon Goldstein

My children have benefited greatly from studying under Sensei Farkas. He’s great with kids and has lots of patience. And the kids learn and have fun. I highly recommend the Beverly Hills Karate Academy.
Virginia Saks

Joining the Beverly Hills Karate Academy was one of the best things that I’ve done in my life. It has made me the confident person I am and Sensei is the man who is responsible for this. Thank you, Sensei.
Ken Lampert

I began studying martial arts back East with various Senseis. When I moved to Los Angeles, I began studying with Sensei Emil Farkas. He was by far the most knowledgeable Sensei I ever worked with. His knowledge of real street combat is phenomenal. He is tough, but fair and he’s a great believer that perfect practice makes perfect. So he makes his students measure up to that standard. I recommend him to anyone looking to learn martial arts.
Whitney Collins

My son, who trained with Sensei Farkas for years, had the best the experience in his classes. He always left the dojo looking forward to the next class. He really became skillful and confident and went on to play other sports comfortably, thanks to his karate training at the Beverly Hills Karate Academy under Emil Farkas. He’s a great Sensei.
Dale Perry

"My daughter, Callie, now 17, has been training with Sensei Farkas for approximately seven years.  While she had other instructors during the first 5 years also, she has been exclusively with him for the last two.  Even at age 10 she came out of his classes feeling as though she had improved her skills, techniques and abilities.  Now, as a teenager and working on her second degree black belt, she comes out of his class feeling strong, confident and always bubbling over with information as to new techniques she has learned and old ones she has improved on.  He pushes her to be her best and cuts her no slack if she is not giving 100 percent.  She will be going to college in the fall of 2011 and I have no worries about her safety or confidence in facing the new challenges that she will be encountering."
Dorothy R.

“In 1982 I finished law school, but did not understand that law was 50 percent knowledge and 50 percent fighting.  After 28 years in karate under the guidance of sensei Emil Farkas, my two roads have blended -- karate has made me into the best lawyer I can be.”
Gary Wolf