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Kids Karate Classes

Karate begins and ends with respect

Parents, pediatricians and educators recognize the benefits of martial arts training for youngsters, who learn discipline, self-confidence, concentration, respect and goal achievement in their karate classes.  The students carry these positive values with them for the rest of their lives. Beverly Hills Kids Karate Classes

Our mission at the Beverly Hills Karate Academy is to develop our students’ maximum potential in life through martial arts training. We achieve this goal by teaching martial arts as a complete discipline – physically, mentally, emotionally and intellectually – which instills high personal standards. We emphasize fun, focus and discipline.

Beverly Hills Kids Karate ClassesSensei Farkas, who has been teaching kids karate classes for over 40 years, is an exceptional instructor with great patience. He has an excellent rapport with kids of all ages. Although he is strict, he believes that kids should enjoy their training. All of his classes are a mixture of energy, discipline and respect.

Kids can begin training karate at age 4 and with consistent practice they can achieve the coveted Jr. Black Belt after they reach the age of 10.  Kids who train in the martial arts become better athletes and excel in many other sports due to the emphasis on balance, co-ordination, timing and focus, which are an integral part of martial arts training. Beverly Hills Kids Karate Classes

At the Beverly Hills Karate Academy kids progress at their own rate. Testing for color belts is done individually whenever the child has achieved the requirements needed to move up in rank. With each new accomplishment, the child’s self-esteem and self confidence grows and soon he or she develops perseverance and a non-quitting attitude, which helps the child overcome challenges he or she will face in the real world.

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Benefits Of Kids Karate Classes Beverly Hills Kids Karate Classes

  • Instills confidence
  • Boosts self esteem
  • Promotes perseverance
  • Increases focus
  • Inspires loyalty
  • Creates positive mental attitude
  • Develops discipline
  • Promotes integrity
  • Develops dynamic self-defense skills
  • Encourages honesty and respect

  • As a magician, who is a member of the prestigious Magic Castle in Hollywood, Sensei Farkas often uses ninja magic to inspire and motivate, as well reward students for a job well done. 
    Beverly Hills Kids Karate Classes

    The Beverly Hills Karate Academy Code of Excellence

    In karate I must strive To be honorable
    To have confidence
    To be disciplined
    To be respectful
    And to never give up.

    Beverly Hills Kids Karate Classes

    Beverly Hills Kids Karate Classes

    For a full schedule of kids karate classes, please call the Beverly Hills Academy at (310) 275-2661.

    Beverly Hills Kids Karate Classes