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Los Angeles, CA 90069
Practical Krav Maga

Practical Krav Maga
This practical self-defense and close combat fighting system is based on the Israeli Krav Maga fighting course taught by the Israeli armed services.  Practical Krav Maga as taught at the Beverly Hills Karate Academy focuses on teaching the students self defense techniques against the most common types of attacks.  Utilizing techniques from karate, judo, boxing, ju-jitsu and other combat systems, Practical Krav Maga teaches one to be deadly in an encounter.  You will learn to strike the most vulnerable parts of the body to inflict maximum damage.  You will learn to attack and counter attack decisively, quickly and brutally. Practical Krav Maga is not a sport or an art; it is a street effective self defense system meant to teach you to react under stress and to be aggressive when encountering an opponent, who is trying to harm you or your loved ones.