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9085 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90069

Self Defense
“To be effective on the street, one has to be able to deliver strong powerful strikes and kicks to an attacker,” says Sensei Farkas.  “Too many self-defense courses rely on tricks, wrist locks, arm locks, etc.; but neglect to teach the students how to use their bodies properly and to deliver power.”  A 100-pound woman will not be able to bend a 200 pound man’s arm, no matter what she does.  However, she will easily break his knees or his nose and stop any attack.  If you learn to use your body properly, you do not need to memorize hundreds of tricks.  If attacked, always remember you have the element of surprise on your side and with proper training, you will top any attack. At the Beverly Hills Karate Academy, students learn the best and simplest techniques to stop any attacker.